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Meet Megan

Megan Crews is a 30 year-old special needs tutor in Salisbury. She recently spoke out in The Sun.

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How does your visible difference affect you?

Researchers would love to understand your experience of how a visible difference affects your daily life

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Gabriella’s Story

"I believe everyone should think the same and be kind to people however they look and whatever condition they have."

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One More Nurse Appeal Press Release

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Arooj: The Fashion Blogger with NF

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Advisory group of parents needed to help shape future research

Maia Thornton is a PhD student looking for an advisory group of parents who's child has an appearance altering condition

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Olivia’s Story

Olivia is an enthusiastic and determined young girl. Have a read of her inspiring story here!

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The Big Lottery Fund pays for 2 Patient Info Days

Nerve Tumours UK receives Lottery funding

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New research into non-discrimination law

Durham University is looking for participants who look different due to their health complications. such as NF.

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