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Olivia's Story

Read Olivia's amazing story, and brave attitude as she lives her life to the fullest despite her NF. “NF is part of me – without it I don't know who I'd be, and I am happy with the person I am””

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Fundraiser's Story

Butterfly Kisses

The Saavedra family's amazing fundraising story, setting up The Butterfly Kisses Ball to help their son Emilio and all people with NF1.

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Fundraiser Story

Daniel & Eloisa

“I was overcome with emotions completing the race as I know how much the donations will make a difference in people’s lives…”

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Case Study

Alexander's Story

Alexander hasn't let his NF1 hold him back, and in July graduated from the University of Reading, with a 2:1 degree in Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies.

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Fundraiser Story

Wayne's Marathons

“Crossing that line still is the best feeling in the world and each year it gets better and better…”

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Gabriella's Story

“That's why I am proud of my NF beacuase it's part of who I am and I have learnt to accept it.” Have a read of Gabriella's story a brave kind and, intelligent young girl who takes her NF in her stride everyday! 

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