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About iNForm

Neurofibromatosis is not well known, and one of the consequences of this is that support at school, universities, day to day life and medical care for people with nerve tumours and their families is often patchy and/or inadequate. This is particularly harmful in the NHS and in schools, as whether you are supported by a Specialist Neurofibromatosis Nurse is dependent on a postcode lottery. 

At Nerve Tumours UK, we are trying to make sure that all 26,500 people with Neurofibromatosis in the UK have access to specialist care. We need your help. Please download the ‘Letter to your GP’ and the ‘Letter to Schools’ and pass these on to the relevant professionals to raise awareness about Nerve Tumours UK’s ‘iNForm’ project. Specialists can contact us directly via email or call us in the head office on 02084391234. Help us provide the necessary education to those involved in the care of the 26,500 people affected by NF across the country.

More details on our specific iNForm campaigns for both schools and GPs are available through the links below.