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iNForm Your School

iNForm your School

Supporting any student in school is essential to all aspects of their growth and development throughout their education. This is no different to any child with Neurofibromatosis, which is why we have set up our new initiative called iNForm so that we can help support as many teachers as possible in creating the best possible environment for any child with NF to learn within. 

iNForm is a programme of information and on-the ground support from Nerve Tumours UK. This will help you give the most effective support to students with Neurofibromatosis Type 1, Type 2 and Schwannomatosis. 

If you would like to help assist us in reaching as many teachers as possible, then please download the letter below and send it either directly to your child's teacher or the school in which they reside.

We also have a poster available below to download and print off for any teachers wanting to spread awareness within their school.

For anymore info please contact