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Pipers Rocks

04 June 2020

Gabriella or Gaby, as her friends and family know her, was diagnosed with NF1 from a young age.

Her positivity and determination has inspired her school to get involved in some amazing fundraising efforts to help support people across the UK with Neurofibromatosis.

When mum Helen first found out about Gaby’s tumour and diagnosis of NF1 it was a heavy burden to carry. But in the years since then Team Gaby have come together to support each other along the way, with several of the family, including mum Helen, Auntie Jane & Cousin Kate, running in the London Marathon for Nerve Tumours UK.

Gaby’s positivity has now spread even further, getting her school, Pipers Corner to Rock ‘n’ Roll with their live ‘Pipers Rock’ event – with Gaby playing the bass guitar.

Gaby’s 26 friends also got involved with our World NF Day Challenge, running, walking and cycling to Shine a Light on NF. Read here about their remarkable fundraising exploits.

Gaby’s bass guitar teacher, Mark Campbell led the organisation of the event which took place at the school theatre on Wednesday 26th Feb 2020. Mark wanted to help Gaby & support Nerve Tumours UK.

The Rocktastic event was aimed at the whole school with students from Year 5 to Year 11 all getting involved. The younger students kicked off the first half performing in their different bands and the older students followed in the second half. Since Gaby is currently in Year 8, she performed with her band in the second half, showing us all her bass rift mastery.

By selling tickets to the ‘Pipers Rock’ event and holding an auction in the interval, Gaby’s school helped to raise donations for Nerve Tumours UK.

"For me, it’s all about getting the message out about what NF is so people don’t judge Gaby (and others like her) and understand what the condition is and how it is to live with it.""

– Helen (Mum)

World NF Day

Despite Gaby’s school friends being separated for World NF Day, as part of the current lockdown situation, they still managed to get out individually and show their support. 26 of Gaby’s school friends ran, walked or cycled one mile; getting out there and doing their bit to support their friend. Their efforts also went a long way to spread awareness of neurofibromatosis on World NF Day, May 17th.

"“Pipers Corner School generally has been amazing at supporting Gaby, making her feel included and raising awareness of the condition to help it become more accepted and understood.” "

– Helen

Nerve Tumours UK want to thank Team Gaby and Pipers School for their incredible fundraising feats! Your efforts go a long way in helping our NF community, we need more people like you.

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