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Before & After

Before & After

Mia and Mel are going to be Eggs for Nerve Tumours UK

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So, as many of you know, I (Mel) am a Specialist Advisor for people with Neurofibromatosis. Part of my post is funded by Nerve Tumours UK - a charity that provides lots of support for people and their families. As you can imagine, in the midst of this Covid19 pandemic, all charity events have been cancelled. Nerve Tumours UK rely heavily on the kindness and generosity of the people fundraising and the people sponsoring them.
So, to continue to support the charity, I am going to shave my hair off and hopefully raise some funds for Nerve Tumours UK. Whilst discussing this with my family, my older daughter Mia said that she wants to shave her head as well.
We are very much aware that a lot of you out there are self-employed and will not have the extra cash to support us. Can we ask you to spread the word and raise awareness instead please?
For those of you still working - could you donate what you would have spent on a pint of beer, glass of wine or a nice coffee from the coffee shop whilst you were lucky enough to be out and about socialising please? I am going to be giving the money that I would have spent on my hair cut as my donation and I will do this again in another 6 weeks.
Thanks for reading our page and please spread the word. We have shaved our heads this Easter Sunday. Watch our egg challenge here.

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Created by: Mel Murrell on 03/04/2020


Goal: £1,250.00

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Well done, Mel. and Mia . Sorry this is delayed


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Much love xx


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Well done, Mia and Mel. Proud of you both x


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Well done, Mel.




the fantastic Duo... well done to you both. x




Well done, Mel.



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