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About The Fundraising Hub

About the Fundraising Hub

We have created this Fundraising Hub so that 100% of your donations from your incredible fundraising efforts comes directly to us!

Did you know, that the vast majority of fundraising websites charge fees to the charity every time you donate? In the case of some sites, they charge between 6 - 10% of your donation for us to receive your money. That means 6-10% of your efforts are funding their company.

By ditching other fundraising platforms and using ours directly, all your fundraising efforts will be solely benefiting the charity. This will help us to further develop the charity and better our services meaning that everyone affected by NF1, NF2 and Scwhannomatosis will benefit extensively from this platform as well. 

We won't enforce the use of this platform upon anyone wanting to use other fundraising platforms, however we hope you will see the benefits of doing so and will consider using ours in the near future 😊