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Welcome to our Fundraising FAQ's

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– So let us answer your questions!

About the new Fundraising Hub 

Why do we need to use this new fundraising area of the Nerve Tumours site?

Did you know, that the vast majority of fundraising websites charge fees to the charity every time you donate? In the case of some sites, they charge between 6 - 10% of your donation for us to receive your money. That means 6-10% of your efforts are funding their company. By us creating this special fundraising area of the website, we are able to severely reduce the cost of each donation, meaning more of your donated money comes to directly to us.

But I've been fundraising on another fundraising platform for ages, and I don't want to complicate my life!

We aren't going to stop you from using your favourite fundraising website at the moment, but we'd love you to consider moving your fundraising over here. It is simple, it keeps it all within our website- which means people who visit your page also know how to get to the charity's main website- and it also stops us from being charged extra money that could be spent on nerve tumours support.

I trust the other platforms; how do I know I can trust you with my payments?

Our payments are all handled by STRIPE - they handle payments for companies like ASOS clothes, Under Armour sportswear, MADE furniture, Songkick Concerts and many more. In terms of the non-profit world, outspoken advocates of STRIPE are Comic Relief & Red Nose Day, Unicef, Oxfam, and the British Heart Foundation.

If that isn't enough, it should go without saying we value our donor's trust and safety above all else. We will only contact you in the methods you select as you register your fundraising event!

Why have we built this section of the website?

We have done this primarily to save money. In the past three years, we have been charged over £23,000 in fundraising fees!  That is enough to fund a part-time neurofibromatosis specialist for a year. Of course, our support services are as always, at the core of our fundraising efforts. This is reflected by the #OneMoreNurse campaign and our renewed focus on showcasing real people with neurofibromatosis such as Emily, Olivia, Kieran, Jaycee, and Megan (to name but a few).  Our plan is to drastically reduce our outgoing fundraising fees and maximise your fundraising efforts, helping us make better use of the money donated.

How to use the Fundraising Hub

I want to make my fundraiser page in memory of a family member, can I do that here?

Yes, you can. Our fundraising system lets you select “In memory” or “In celebration” or “other” as you register, so you can tell us why you are fundraising for Nerve Tumours UK. This also lets potential donors understand why the cause is so dear to your heart, and why you want to support the nerve tumours community.