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Alice’s Cardiff Half Marathon for Nerve Tumours UK

Alice Allsop's fundraising page

27 March 2022


Hello! My name is Alice, I am currently in my first year of studying Genetic and Genomic Counselling MSc at Cardiff University.

Recently, I have been learning about Neurofibromatosis by creating and giving a presentation to my peers and lecturers on Neurofibromatosis Type 2, including the challenges for individuals and families affected and the support available. Admittedly, I had never heard of this condition before, but after learning about it I have the upmost respect for everyone who is or has been affected by it, and their determination and strength in overcoming challenges faced.

Neurofibromatosis disorders consist of non-cancerous tumour growth on the nervous system, leading to problems affecting various parts of the body. Neurofibromatosis Type 2, is particular, can cause tumours to grow on the hearing nerves, resulting in hearing and balance problems. Although it is rare, Neurofibromatosis Type 2 is the result of either inheritance through families or a random mutation in your DNA, meaning it can affect people who have never had it in their family. I found this very eye-opening, as not many people have heard of it, so it would be very confusing and emotional to be diagnosed with such a disorder.

I got in touch with Nerve Tumours UK after finding out about their charity, and they kindly provided me with lots of information about their work, experiences from people they have supported, and their mission to improve research and spread awareness.

I have chosen to run in the Cardiff Half Marathon for Nerve Tumours UK, to try and raise awareness of Neurofibromatosis, as well as raise vital funds for the charity so they can continue supporting people affected by these conditions. Hopefully I can finish the race in one piece as it is my first one!

When I (hopefully!) become a Genetic Counsellor, I hope to further spread my new-found knowledge and awareness of the Neurofibromatosis conditions with others I come into contact with, in order to provide the best and most professional support possible for individuals and their families whom it affects.

Created by: Alice Allsop on 01/12/2021


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Well done, Alice.




What a super women you are. Well done!




Well done Alice! You did amazing today! ☺️


Rebecca R


Well done, Alice.

Michelle x


Well done, Alice. 👏🏃‍♀️


Paul and Helen


Really impressed with what you're doing.


Adam Randles


Well done Alice, making us all proud, as per usual! :D