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Support for Adults
with NF2

If you are living with NF2, at times you may need information and support. We have combined the day-to-day experiences of those living with NF2.

NF2 remains something of a mystery to many medical, social and educational professionals who may never have heard of the condition or supported someone with NF2 before. It varies widely in how it affects those who have the condition. Because NF2 is a very variable condition, people have very different experiences and challenges. As a result, the things people find supportive and helpful vary too. Our Specialists will be able to support you when needed, and help you to understand your condition, as well as assist with referrals and coordinating appointments etc.

NF2 support includes both doctors and specialist nurses. You can seek advice from our helpline, who can in turn kick off a referral process. Our Helpline operates via both telephone and email.


Some helpful information and resources