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Support for Teachers (NF1)

Working with children and teens who have nerve tumours can be a worry for teachers, health professionals and carers too. We are here to help you care better for those with Neurofibromatosis.

School Packs

We offer a School Information Pack that provides a resource and pack of materials to teachers, SENCOs and staff at educational institutions, schools and academies. Please email and we will be happy to send you the pack (All school pack requests must come from the school itself) 

Understanding children with nerve tumours

Not all children need the same type of help – even if they have the same type of Neurofibromatosis. A child's medical needs depends greatly on how they are affected by the condition. Below, and throughout the site in our other support sections, you will find plenty of in-depth fact sheets for teens, teachers, parents and guardians, and even GPs and health professionals.

NF1 varies widely in how it affects those who have the condition. Many children with the disorder will be affected very mildly and may have nothing more than skin changes. A minority of people (around a third) who have NF1 will have medical problems related to the disorder at some time in their life. Some of these problems will be mild and easily treatable and others will be more severe.

School Visits and our Support Specialists

Our Specialist Support network is growing. However, we do not cover the whole country. Your school is only eligible for a school visit from one of our specialists, if it falls within the areas that we currently cover. To find out more, please call our helpline (details below).

Call the Nerve Tumours UK Helpline and speak to our Support Specialists on 07939 046 030 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm.


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