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The Galloway Family and their “amazing” four year old Ruby

05 November 2019

The Galloway Family and their “amazing” four year old Ruby

Young Ruby Galloway is an extremely brave and courageous girl who has NF1. At 4 years old she has already undergone a year and half worth of chemotherapy but still manages to “just get on with it” and in doing so is an inspiration to both her Mum Katie and Dad Tom.

"She's such a little character, always full of mischief."

– Mum Katie

"Everyone loves her - it's not because of what she’s got, it's her personality."

– Dad Tom

The family hosted their own Masquerade Ball which took place at the New Continental Hotel on October 25th, in support of their amazing daughter Ruby. The event itself was enjoyed thoroughly by the many in attendance. 

Everyone was dressed up in their smartest attire for a night full of dancing, eating, drinking and even a fantastic raffle. Our own NF Specialist Advisor Helen Tomkins was even in attendance!

Helen Tomkins, one of our Specialist Neurofibromatosis Nurses, represented the charity at the event. Helen who is based at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth supports those diagnosed with both NF1 and NF2 in the counties of Devon and Cornwall

"What a wonderful evening, A well organised, well attended and successful event. A big thank you to Ruby’s parents for organising, you truly did an amazing job. The Ball was a great fun – an entertaining evening and on top of that you raised crucial funds for Nerve Tumours UK. A BIG Thank you "

– Helen

We at Nerve Tumours UK would like to thank the Galloway family for not just their wonderful Masquerade Ball but all their continued efforts in supporting the chariy and work in helping to spread awareness for Neurofibromatosis!

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The family also recently held a “bare it bold” event in which people turned up at the Ker street social club in Plymouth to have their heads shaved or legs waxed in honour of their incredible Ruby, who will be losing her hair due to her treatment. 

On top of everything the Galloway's last year even undertook a sponsored 5k inflatable run fun, again portraying the fantastic work they do to help support our charity!  

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