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The Galloway Family and their “amazing” four year old Ruby

06 June 2019

The Galloway Family and their “amazing” four year old Ruby

Young Ruby Galloway is an extremely brave and couragous girl who has NF1. At 4 years old  she has already undergone a year and halfs worth of chemotherapy but still manages to “just get on with it” and in doing so is an inspiration to both her Mum Katie and Dad Tom.  

"She's such a little character, always full of mischief."

– Mum Katie

"Everyone loves her - it's not because of what she’s got, it's her personality."

– Dad Tom

The family has recently held a “bare it bold” event in which people turned up at Ruby's pre school to have their heads shaved in honour of their incredible Ruby who will be loosing her hair due to her treatment. 

Later this year they are also planning a masquerade ball which you can find here

The ball is set to take palce at the New Continental Hotel and will be held on October 25th, we would strongly encourage people to attend what is sure to be a fantastic event in order to support the amazing Ruby.