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Megan’s Skyfall

03 September 2019

Megan's Skyfall


Megan has now completed her Skydive (see photo below). Continue reading however to see Megan's full story detailing her travels with NF.

Having NF is a constant struggle;  whether it be dealing with pain, worrying what people think of the skin tags that are all over my torso or overthinking what the future holds for me.

Since the 15th March 2019 I have been back packing the West Coast, Northern and Central Australia sleeping in a tent for the majority of time and have had the most wonderful time, even with the back, knee and hand pain I struggle with some days.

I have been telling everyone I meet about this condition and how it affects me and others, how I have changed my diet to be a more natural, plant based diet in order to try to stem the growths and how Nerve Tumours UK help us all through information days, research, support centres and raising money to allow for more NF nurses across the country.
I have received nothing but love, support and curiosity from these wonderful people I have met and each person wondering why they have never heard of it before.

I'm now on the East coast where I have the opportunity to finally tick sky diving off my bucket list and in the most beautiful setting of Airlie beach

Having already written articles for The Sun and The Mirror newspaper and with my cousin running the Birmingham 10k it's now time to do something to myself to raise more money and awareness for our wonderful charity.

15,000 ft isn't that high right?  

Megan having after completed her Skydive!

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