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How To Use Lipspeakers – Support For Those Affected By Hearing Loss

02 October 2020

Lipspeaking supports deaf and hearing-impaired people to see the speech they cannot hear. The Lipspeaker provides clear lip pattern to make it easier to understand what is said.

Watch Frances Harris’ video, in which she demonstrates Lipspeaking, one type of professional communication support for people living with NF2- Neurofibromatosis Type 2.  Frances is talking about hearing loss, lipreading, and how to use Lipspeakers. Lipspeaking can support those affected with hearing loss to keep their own independence in their day to day life. The service can not only provide support for education or official appointments but also for day to day life with family and friends.

Lipspeaking in a nutshell

A Lipspeaker presents spoken words clearly so that it is easier to lipread:

  • The main Speaker talks
  • The Lipspeaker listens
  • The Lipspeaker presents the words clearly (with or without voice as required)
  • The deaf/hearing-impaired person can then see the words

The clear lip pattern of the Lipspeaker makes lipreading and understanding speech very much easier. The Lipspeaker can also add visual clues on their hands and face to confirm the meaning and convey the tone.

  • Lipspeaking provides a clear delivery at a steady pace, whatever the accent or speed of the main speaker(s)
  • Lipspeaking reduces the effort and stress of understanding what is said
  • Lipspeaking promotes accessibility for deaf and hearing-impaired people
  • Lipspeaking can help across a wide range of situations. It brings those with hearing loss back into the conversation in their own right.

Frances Harris is trained both as a Speech/Language Therapist and as a Lipspeaker. She worked for 15 years in the Audiology & Hearing Implant service at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge, including 10 years within the NF2 multidisciplinary team, which gave her many rich encounters with those living with NF2. Her wide working knowledge of speech and voice, audiology and communication disorder makes her keen to provide communication support for people with hearing loss. We are grateful for her support to the NF2 community and to Nerve Tumours UK.

Frances is registered with the NRCPD and is a member of the Association of Lipspeakers.

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