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Deacons Marina’s fun filled fundraiser for NTUK

07 August 2019

Deacons Marina's fun filled fundraiser for NTUK

Deacons Marina is a place where people can store their boat either on the water to take out sailing or on land for repairs/refits.

About 11 years ago they began running extremely successful and enjoyable summer parties for their customers, with their aim being simply to provide them with a fun evening, a great chance for all to chat and get to know each other, make friends to go sailing with and just enjoy some great music, great food and a complimentary bar. However, these parties are not only for their customers to enjoy as they nominate a charity and support their cause by asking all in attendance to donate at the end of the day.

This year the Deacons Marina Team, under the shining sun, put on a massive BBQ in aid of NTUK! On top of the BBQ were the Fat Cat Soul Band who put on an impressive display in which they got everyone up dancing!

The party this year was extremely well received by all in attendence. The reasons for choosing NTUK as their chosen charity was largely down to  Sarah, who works in Force 4 Chandlery on site, as she asked as to whether the money raised could go to NTUK in support of her god daughter who suffers from NF1. 

Everyone at NTUK would like to thank the whole Deacons Marina team for putting on what looked like such an incredible event!

Smiles all round

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