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Alex’s 12 months of Running

22 July 2021

Alex has completed his epic 12 months of running, racing in 8 out of the 10 planned events as 2 had unfortunately been cancelled. Helping to shine a light for NF across the country by running a truly impressive total distance of over 80km, he successfully completed the races below:

  • Chester Marathon October 3rd, 2021 (3hr 57min 29 sec)
  • Aintree 10km July 21st, 2019 (43.05) finished 31st.
  • Wigan 10km September 1st, 2019 (43.33) finished 167th
  • Southport 10km September 22nd, 2019 (42.37) finished 91st
  • Rainford 10km October 6th 2019 (43.42) finished 29th
  • Beat the reaper 10km October 20th 2019 (40.50) finished 8th
  • Mad Dog 10km February 9th, 2020, cancelled due to storm Ciara.
  • Chester 10k March 8th, 2020 (40.17) finished 101st (4562)
  • Chester half marathon September 19th 2021 
  • Southport half marathon June 28th, 2020, finished 139th (1088)
  • Chester 10k July 18th finished 150th (2233)

Alex took on this challenge to help support the wider NF community as both himself and his daughter Bella have NF1.

Alex took on this challenge to help support the wider NF community as both himself and his daughter Bella have NF1.

"I was diagnosed with NF1 at an early age in what was a challenging time for myself and my parents. As I have got older, I've had several operations to remove lumps from my arm and knee. "

In December I welcomed my beautiful daughter with my wife Sarah. I had a feeling from day one that she had the NF gene due to the presence of her birthmarks, this was later confirmed after a number of blood tests.

Alex has always been fond of running, finding it a great way to get fit and stay motivated and the perfect way to help raise funds to support Nerve Tumours UK.

I want to do these runs to help raise awareness for NF and to further support the work Nerve Tumours UK do, therefore ensuring a bright future for my daughter and everyone else who has NF.

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