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Aldo goes to Primary School

08 October 2019

Aldo goes to Primary School

Autism is a condition that can occur as a result of someone having NF1. That is why we at Nerve Tumours UK wanted to share the fantastic story “Aldo goes to Primary School” with all our supporters. 

The story is aimed at helping those experience what it is like for someone to go through Primary School through the lens of the autistic spectrum. The story will ultimately help to build an understanding and empathy towards those affected by autism and the struggles they have to deal with daily. 

The book has been written by Mcnally Morris in association with Architecture at Queen's University Belfast and is based upon the research carried out by Hugh Mcnally, Dominic Morris, Keith McAllister and their colleagues between 2012-2013, when looking at the impact architecture and the built environment can have on people with autism. 

If you know of anyone who is affected by autism, then we would suggest sharing this story with those around him/her on a daily basis so that they may broaden their understanding into the affect the condition can have upon them. 

You can find the story available to download free below

Aldo goes to Primary School

Download the story for free here

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