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We want to hear your stories!

Over the years so many of you have shared your inspirational stories with us!

This has not only helped us better understand Neurofibromatosis and how people deal with it, but it has also helped to uplift others with the condition as well. 

That is why we have created this page so that you can add your inspiration to others lives by sharing your story with us below. 

DISCLAIMER: We sadly won't be able to share everyone's story, therefore we will be selective with the ones we decide to put on the website, but please do send them in regardless!

Don't forget to include a photo as well, to make your story page even more vibrant and exciting 😊 

Share your story with us via this form

All fields that must be completed are marked with an * next to them. (We strongly reccomend typing your story in a Word Excel document and saving it there before submitting it to our website)

I'm afraid we need a photo to accompany every case study and story. Please ensure they are High Resolution and Landscape photographs. You can upload two photographs maximum via this form.

For some Inspiration here are a number of stories we have up on our website now:

(To see the rest of the stories visit our community spirit page)

Kieran's Story

"My advice is to just stay positive, live your life as you would do." Kieran is an athleti, upbeat, motivated young man. Have a read of his inspiring story and how he has not let his NF1 hold him back.

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Emily's Story

Emily Owen is an author, speaker and workshop facilitator. Her inspiring and motivational story began when, as an energetic teenager, athlete and skilled musician, she was diagnosed as suffering from NF2. Have a read of her inspiring story here

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Olivia's Story

Read Olivia's amazing story, and brave attitude as she lives her life to the fullest despite her NF. “NF is part of me – without it I don't know who I'd be, and I am happy with the person I am”

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Gabriella's Story

“That's why I am proud of my NF beacuase it's part of who I am and I have learnt to accept it.” Have a read of Gabriella's story a brave kind and, intelligent young girl who takes her NF in her stride everyday!

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