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05 April 2019

Shine A Light on Neurofibromatosis:

The World NF Day is coming soon (17th May) and here are three ways how you can get involved and help us Shine a Light on NF - 1) Shine a Light on Neurofibromatosis, 2) Help us raise £26,500 and share our campaign, 3) Organise your own event 

1) Raise awareness for Neurofibromatosis by asking owners of iconic landmarks and buildings on World Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day - May 17th to light them up in blue for nerve tumour patients.

2 ) Help us raise £ 26,500 - a donation for each person that has nerve tumours in the UK.

We are very grateful for any support. 

We need your help!

Share the Paragraph below on Social Media

Shine A Light on Neurofibromatosis: Raise awareness for Neurofibromatosis by lighting up landmarks and buildings in blue on World Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day - May 17th. 26,500 people have nerve tumours in the UK. Help us raise £ 26,500 - a donation for each person that has Neurofibromatosis in the UK. We are very grateful for any support on the following link.

Copy the above paragraph including linkage and post this to your social media, send it to your MP, local press or any one you can think of that will support our campaign.

Would you rather donate by post?

3) Thank you for all your efforts on World NF Day over the years. Why not make this year even bigger? You can organise your own event, anything from a coffee morning to bake sale or golf tournament. We’re happy to support you and send fundraising materials. If you want to set up your own fundraising page let us know. Please get in touch 

"It is only by raising understanding and awareness that we will be able to meet our goals of providing first class support to those who need our services"

– Karen Cockburn, Charity Director of Nerve Tumours UK