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Nerve Tumours UK Conference 2021

02 November 2021

A small slice of normality returned at the end of October, when we were able to host our annual conference, in person... almost!

The two day event has two distinct threads.

Day one centred around meetings between the team of regional nurses & advisors with the Head Office, and Members of the Board of Trustees. We discussed a wide range of issues - what we have learned over the last two years; the advantages and shortfalls of this new virtual world we inhabit; we looked at how we can improve our internal mechanisms; how the respective teams can support each other better; and how we can improve and roll out our services even further.

Day two was very much focused on the medical side, and the team of nurses and advisors were left to discuss all things medical.

It is an extremely important event for the charity, as a whole, as it is the only time each year when we can set aside real time to come together, concentrate on what needs doing and to forge a way forward, together. 

Helen Tomkins (Cornwall & Devon) joined the conference remotely

We were delighted to meet all four of our new nursing colleagues, in person, rather than via Zoom, and to learn how their broader and past experiences can help us to expand our remit and contacts. We are extremely proud that the charity and regional support team carried on with business as usual, as best we could during the last couple of years, and of the feedback and support that they continue to provide for our community.

L-R: Carol Irving (Yorkshire & Humberside, Karen Cockburn, Rachel Beaufort-Jones (North East & Cumbria), Tracey Kenyon (Wessex), Samantha Gaden (Merseyside), Clare Dhillon (South Yorkshire), Rebecca Rennison (North East & Cumbria), Helen Swann (Wales)