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Nerve Tumours UK adds BrowseAloud to their website

17 June 2019

Nerve Tumours UK adds Browsealoud to their website

Browsealoud is a tool that makes browsing a website more accessible and user friendly for those who may suffer from a condition that makes utilising a website difficult.

The tool adds speech, reading and translation fucntions allowing you to customise the website to your demand. This means that those who may have dyslexia, low literacy, English as a second language or any kind of visual impairments will be able to browse through our website with greater ease than ever. 

By adding this tool we are meeting a new governmental directive that all public sector websites and apps must meet current accessibility standards.

To date: 

  • Nearly 98% of homepages from one million websites fail to meet the legal accessibility standard.
  • 80% of customers with access needs spend their money on websites that present the fewest barriers.
  • 70% of customers with access needs will click away from a website that they find difficult to use. That 70% accounts for £11.75 billion of spending power in the UK alone.

We are hoping that by adding this piece of software to our charity we will be not only driving the charity forward in terms of it's development but will most importantly be making our information and support as accessible as possible to those who need it.

To use the tool just click on the "speak" button

The "speak" button can always be found at the top of every single page