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Meet Pearl

01 May 2019

Meet Pearl

Pearl Kelly is 22, and has multiple complex problems caused by her NF1. Her love of football, and indomitable spirit, helps her through. Here she explains her outlook on life:

"I am surprised and amazed I am still here, considering I have so many health problems. Every day is a struggle. About four years ago, when I first met my partner, I could walk OK with crutches. He has seen my mobility slowly get worse to the point where now I need a wheelchair.

I'm a mad Everton supporter, and I get the most fantastic support from the Chairman of Everton – he bought my wheelchair and he helps me a lot. When I'm well enough to go to a match, I sit with the Chairman in the Directors’ Box."

"I love to help people, so I post videos on social media to spread awareness. I try and help people laugh and smile so they feel better, because I know what it’s is like.”"

– Pearl