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Meet Markus

Markus Bell

27 February 2019

Welcome Markus

A warm welcome to Markus Bell, our new Operations & Marketing Manager.

Markus comes from a background in digital marketing and events and is now looking forward to getting involved in the charity sector. Having volunteered with the White Rose for some years, organising speaker opportunities and addressing peace keeping approaches of that charity, he decided to dedicate his experience in event organisation and marketing to Nerve Tumours UK.

Markus will be driving the charity forward by building media relations and establishing positive communication on various platforms for those affected by Neurofibromatosis. He will also be supporting our fundraisers. and giving them a voice.

Markus is taking over from Brendan Rodgers, who many of you may know or have spoken to before. We all at Nerve Tumours UK want to thank him for his dedication and hard work over the years in which he played a key role in our successful rebranding of the charity.

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