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09 June 2022

The Neurological Alliance has launched its reports and campaign, formed by the experiences of over 8,500 people who responded to My Neuro Survey. 

1 in 6 people in the UK live with a neurological condition but there simply isn’t the workforce or services in place to support them.

Findings from My Neuro Survey highlighted a lack of mental wellbeing support, delays to life changing treatment and care and inconsistent information and support at diagnosis

Nerve Tumours UK, as a member of the Neurological Alliance, supports the call on governments across the UK to #BackThe1in6 and set up a Neuro Taskforce to address these shared challenges and deliver real change. 

We need your support to #BackThe1in6.

You can help:

  • The more people who sign the petition, the greater the chance of creating real change for everyone with a neurological condition.
  • Show your support by using #BackThe1in6 in your social posts.

"Thank you for backing the 1 in 6. We are incredibly grateful for all your support. Together we are stronger."

– Georgina Carr, CEO, The Neurological Alliance