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Egg Challenge

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Why not join our Egg Challenge – turn into an Egg in isolation for Nerve Tumours UK.

We need your help in order to continue supporting our community, the NHS and our Specialist Neurofibromatosis Nurses.

As you can't get your usual hair cut due to isolation rules, we thought you might join our community and get your clippers out. Join our specialist neurofibromatosis nurse Mel & her daughter Mia, our community members and members of the board who kicked off the challenge at the Easter weekend by shaving their heads for Nerve Tumours UK whilst in isolation! Help spread the word & raise awareness for Nerve Tumours UK by sharing this challenge with your friends and family.

From the egg coming now to the chicken – if you chicken out you can still participate in the challenge by sending us your “do it yourself at home hair cut adventures before and after” and set up a fundraiser or donate the amount that you would have spent to your hairdresser.

All you have to do is set up a fundraiser or donate and send us your before and after pictures or videos, once you are an Egg or had your DIY trim! Ask your potential donors to spend the amount they would normally spend on their hair cut or any amount they can afford, every little helps in these difficult times.

Send your before and after photos to and remember to share your fundraiser on social media with the following  #BeAnEggForNerveTumoursUK

Mel & Mia Fundraiser

Mel & Mia become eggs for Nerve Tumours UK!


Nora's Fundraiser

Nora becomes an egg for Nerve Tumours UK!


Alice's Fundraiser

Alice becomes an egg for Nerve Tumours UK!


Michael's Fundraiser

Michael Fry, Chair of the Board becomes an egg for Nerve Tumours UK! 


Steven's Fundraiser

Steven becomes an egg for Nerve Tumours UK!


Matthew's Fundraiser

Matthew becomes an egg for Nerve Tumours UK!


When committing to virtual events for Nerve Tumours UK please follow governmental Covid 19 stay at home guidance in this period of crisis.