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2,650 Team Challenge

Team 2,650 Challenge - Shine A Light Marathon

Event Date: May 2022 World Neurofibromatosis Month

Event Location: Anywhere

Fundraising Target: £1000

Run, jog or walk 2,650 miles anywhere in the world. Because running a marathon simply isn’t enough. It’s time to call on your friends, colleagues and family to create your very own epic fitness team. Together you will complete a combined mammoth effort of 10 marathons! Whether you decide to split the total amount evenly between you or you have one fitness fanatic prepared to go the extra mile, every step you take together as a team will help Shine A Light on Neurofibromatosis for the 26,500 people affected in the UK.

Spread your efforts across the month for World Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month and help bring voice to the Neurofibromatoses community, which now more than ever, needs your help!

Remember to send us your amazing photos or videos of your adventures and progressions on the day to