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We love our fundraisers,
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We have all kinds of extras to help you fundraise!

"It really helps to know the tips and tricks of fundraising when you are just getting started - and it also helps to get a refresher course when you are a veteran fundraiser!

Check out our guides for loads of helpful advice."

– -Alison, Community Fundraising Manager

Fundraising Guides

Guide: Top 10 Tips

Nerve Tumours UK's top 10 tips to fundraising. Follow these tips to max your targets!

Challenge Events Guide

Easy information to hand out, or learn about challenge event fundraising with Nerve Tumours UK.

Donation Impact Guide

People love to know the impact of their donation. These figures will help you sell your fundraiser's worth, and that of the charity.

Case Study: The Gambles

Mel, James and their family have been doing amazing fundraising for a long time. Hear their story.

Case Study: Olivia

Easy hand out, or to learn about Olivia's NF1 story.

Case Study: Sarah

Easy hand out, or to learn about Sarah's NF2 story.

Fundraising Docs, and more!

Collection Tin Sticker

This Collection tin sticker, really easily prints onto an A4 sticker. You can buy these from most stationery shops.

Poster - Cycling Theme A4

This A4 poster is great to advertise your cycling-related fundraiser!

Poster - Running theme A4

This A4 poster is great to advertise your running-related fundraiser!

Poster - event theme A4

This A4 poster is great to advertise your Nerve Tumours UK fundraiser!

Sponsorship Form

This Nerve Tumours UK sponsorship form is great for collecting pledges.

Gift Aid Form

Get that extra 25% donations for your effort; get each taxpaying donor to sign a Gift Aid form, and the government will match 25% of their donation.

Standing Order Form

Set up a Standing Order using this form.

Do you need more help with Fundraising?

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