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E-Cards - For All Occasions

From Birthdays, Mother's Day, Congratulations, Weddings to Festive Cheers Donate the cost of cards and stamps and show your loved ones that you are thinking of them. Support the environment with carbon savings. 

World Neurofibromatosis Day 2021

Send a Shine A Light on NF E-Card on World Neurofibromatosis Day 2021 

Copy the message in black below, choose up to 5 friends and family, ask them to do the same and donate.  

“Did you know that 26,500 people in the UK are affected by Neurofibromatosis, one of the most common genetic conditions that causes tumours to grow on nerve endings.

Nerve Tumours UK funds a Specialist Support Network ensuring people with Neurofibromatosis have access to the help they require. We do not receive any public funding but rely totally on donations.

Help us to raise awareness. Send an E-Card at Choose up to 5 friends and family, and ask them to do the same and donate. (Minimum donation: £1)"

Copy all of this into your E-Card Message 

E-Cards for All Occasions

Choose a festive holiday or birthday celebration card to send to your loved ones! Take your pick from our Ba-Hum-Pug, Roaring Rudolph, Silly Sausage, Partying Bulldog & more. Choose how much you want to donate. You can send up to 100 e-cards

  • Preview and edit before sending
  • Send your e-cards in one batch
  • Or go back and personalise the text for each recipient

As you might not see all your friends and family due to the ongoing situation, why not think of the environment and save paper and stamps and show them that you care.

After you make your first donation, will send you a welcome email to access your account. From there you can re-access your e-card orders, track your carbon savings, and send up to 100 cards

Corporate Christmas E-Cards

You have a global outreach and want to send your festive greetings to your colleagues and your suppliers? Your co-workers are in their home office due to recent developments? Or you simply want to go green and support the environment. Why not support Nerve Tumours by sending your cards this year?

Send e-cards to customers and contacts and donate the cost of producing a printed Christmas card.

You can send your personalised E-Card and support us and customise your charity support cards with your logo.

Corporate e-cards from £50 for 50 E-Cards

When you donate as a company there is a minimum donation of £50 and you are then assigned a volume of e-cards to send based on how much you give.

Cost per e-card for companies

£1.00 per card on donations of £50
£0.88p per card on donations of £51–£100
£0.66p per card on donations of £101–£200
£0.50p per card on donations over £200

Example volumes received

£100 = 113 e-cards
£150 = 225 e-cards
£200 = 300 e-cards
£500 = 1000 e-cards
£1000 = 2000 e-cards
£1500 = 3000 e-cards

Using your volumes

You can re-access your order anytime to use up your assigned volumes. You can also schedule your company e-cards to go out at a later date.

How it works

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You can use this website to send e-cards for special occasions, and donate the cost equivalent of sending printed greeting cards to a cause that you care about.