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Bangor RAG returns for a 2nd year of Runderpants Fundraising!

Register and get your pants now!

Welcome to Runderpants Bangor!

Runderpants is a fun run , in your pants, for charity. 

Our premise is simple! 

  1. You register to run for only £5, and we send you a pair of Runderpants!

  2. You create a Fundraising page at our Justgiving Runderpants Hub

  3. You raise as much sponsorship money for Nerve Tumours UK as possible! After all the goal is to help people here…

  4. You run in your Runderpants on the day of the run! (TBC) . Feel the breeze!

  5. Celebrate at the Bangor RAG party afterwards!

"Bangor is back for its second Runderpants, and this year is going to be bigger than ever! Check out some of our shots from last years event..."

– - Bangor RAG