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Take Part in Dexter’s NF Documentary Project

18 March 2021

Dexter, who has Neurofibromatosis Type 1, is currently studying Film and Media at Ravensbourne University, London. Dexter is the first person in his family with NF, with neither of his parents having it. First diagnosed as a child he spent a lot of time growing up being self-conscious about his NF but has since learned that; we are all different and we should show our differences proudly.

Dexter is now looking for potentially three participants to take part in his documentary project about Neurofibromatosis. Living with the condition himself, he is reaching out to the community to understand how it affects others on a daily basis. One of the key considerations is about how many are affected, and if you are willing to open up to allow others to know about your condition. The documentary will focus on the theme of ’Identity and Disability’. Day to day life and experiences are at the forefront of the documentary, as well as the aim to dive into the truths of disability and perception. At times, disabilities can be generalized as well as misunderstood.

"I would also like the focus to steer towards what it really means to have NF, as each person with NF will have a different story. My target audience is teens to young adults with NF, as they may be more self-conscious about who they are as a person. This documentary would hopefully allow them to feel more comfortable in their skin. My target audience will widen to the general public, as especially now during the lockdown, more people are engaging with unknown subjects. This documentary will hopefully be interesting to those viewers who are not only interested in NF but also want to understand and learn more about a different topic, such as Neurofibromatosis."

– Dexter

NTUK supports Dexter in this project as part of our Shine A Light Campaign 2021 "Support the NF Community Make Their Voices Heard in a Changing World" 



Nerve Tumours UK is not responsible for any data collection or content of the project. 

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