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21 September 2020

Many of our NF community speak of difficulties accessing support throughout the crisis and adapting to the varying changing restrictions. In order to understand this better we as members of the Embracing Complexity Coalition want to hear from you. The coalition is made up of over 50 organisations who are all working together to coordinate campaigning and research focussed on neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs), such as Neurofibromatosis, Embracing Complexity invites you to take part in their survey. 

By sharing your experiences of Covid-19 – whether positive or negative, we can help develop recommendations for reducing negative impacts on people with Neurofibromatosis. Ensuring that moving forward, in the event of future lockdowns & prolonged social distancing, we protect those that are vulnerable. As well as making sure that any positive experiences of some people with Neurofibromatosis in lockdown are not reversed as society begins to open up. Your experience counts so make your voice heard.  

Nerve Tumours UK is not responsible for any data management and content of the research.  

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