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Virtual Team Gotham

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Team Gotham

Event Date: Anytime

Event location: Virtual

Deposit: £13

Fundraising Target: £100

(In this time of crisis, do not worry if you do not reach your target in full, the £13 deposit goes towards your fundraiser)

So you have chosen Team Gotham, the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader… Time to get out there and run, run (5k) like you have seen the bat sign in the sky summoning you, like you are Dell-boy and Rodders on the mean streets of South London, or like you are late for your date with Catwoman…

Once you complete your 5K caped crusade we will send you out on of these amazing medals!

For this challenge we would highly recommend the use of a running app or system which tracks distance e.g. Strava, Garmin Connect, Run Keeper etc

The Team Gotham Challenge can be entered now – once you complete the challenge your distance details will be uploaded.

Do you want to talk to our fundraising team?

Sometimes we just have questions! We understand. Get in touch about our virtual events or any other event for that matter at or call 0208 439 1234 and ask for Virtual Challenge Events Fundraising. 


When committing to virtual events for Nerve Tumours UK please follow governmental Covid 19 stay at home guidance in this period of crisis.