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Shine a Light on Nerve Tumours is a grassroots initiative that brings Neurofibromatosis awareness into the community by lighting up buildings, bridges and iconic landmarks in blue. 

Why request a landmark in your community light up?

Reasons to light up? Here are four!

  1. Help your city/town recognize neurofibromatosis in an official capacity

  2. Creates a newsworthy, local story for your local news outlets

  3. Establishes a place to meet others in your local NF community on the day of the lighting

  4. Tell local NF Hero stories to new audiences

Steps to request a landmark to "Shine A Light on Neurofibromatosis"

1. Be flexible, and keep the request simple. 

"Hi, can I speak to the person in charge of your premises lighting? We'd like to ask your company to light up the building blue for charity?"

In case your landmark needs a colour code i.e. a "Pantone" or "Hex code" please use the following


2. Once it's confirmed, tell everyone you can! 

So you've asked, and they've said okay! Fantastic. Tell EVERYONE! but also, tell Jay. He's heading up our end of the Shine A Light campaign.

"Hi Jay, Great news! my local landmark (insert landmark name) has agreed to light up blue for World NF Day!"

  1. Email us: let know how you've done. This way we will ensure that we at Nerve Tumours UK and our friends at CTF will update their webpages.

  2. Tag #NerveTumours and #EndNF in all your social media posts about it

  3. Plan a gathering for your friends, family and extended NF community at the location. Or, gather at a nearby spot where you have a view of the site and if you can please take some photos and send these to us at

  4. Tell the media! Download our press letter or get in touch with us for further information

Any questions? Please contact  - you can contact him directly at the bottom of this page!

Press Release PDF