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Wayne’s Story

“My son was born with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) and within the last 12 months has also been diagnosed with a brain tumour. This is enough inspiration I need to run for the Nerve Tumours UK team and have completed four marathons in support of Nerve Tumours UK. My aim is to complete 10 marathons for the charity.”

My first marathon I was very nervous as I did not know what to expect but each year it gets better as I know what to expect, how much training I must do. I enjoyed every part of my training and look forward to the winter challenges ahead. The hardest part of the marathon was that it being the hottest day of the year and this put pressure on the event but crossing that line still is the best feeling in the world and each year it gets better and better. 

I choose to do the marathon as it is one of most prestigious events in the world and the challenge of running 26.2 miles is just magnificent. 

"Crossing that line still is the best feeling in the world and each year it gets better and better."

– Wayne

The other event I run every year is to collect money at the UK National Wedding Show at the Ricoh Arena and through work and the charity quiz night I carry out at the Walsgrave Pub each year. We have around 10-12 friends and family members who have attended every year and they love the day out... (Especially the booze) 😊

I have raised around £8,000 in total and roughly 50% of this is raised at the wedding show and work, with the rest being at our quiz night. It has been amazing fundraising for Nerve Tumours UK.

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